Mapple Testimonial

Today, 12/15/17, I was looking for a phone number for Horry’s Well Service in Ridgeland, SC. Because I was driving I used Google search. Google could not come up with a number perhaps because I misspelled the name using Horre’s. That said, I have come to expect Google to find what I am looking for if I get close to the correct spelling or geography.

Failing with Google, I sought help from Verizon 411 information. Like Google, with my spelling, Verizon could not nd the listing using their automated system. They offered to give me a live operator but when that option was selected the information I received was that the live operators were busy serving other customers. I held for perhaps 30 seconds and gave up.

Upon arriving at my home, I picked up the Lowcountry Phone Directory, went to the Yellow Pages and immediately found Horry’s display add under the ‘W’ for well services. What can I say, the yellow pages work.


Mapple Testimonial


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