Brenda Hood-Magnolia Court Guest Suites

I am a strong advocate of the Local (CPC) Phone Directory and SO glad that you have finally bumped the other contenders off the chess board. As a small business owner, it is always a challenge to stretch my advertising dollar as far as I need it to go, and found myself in the past being “forced” by circumstances to list in each and every directory that had a presence in Beaufort. That was an expensive and unnecessary duplication which divided my advertising dollars unnecessarily. I yearned for one “GOOD” directory to take over and outshine the others. And it’s happened in Beaufort! Our local, home-grown directory, Community Publishing Company, wraps circles around the others. The focus truly is local — with wonderful photographs by a variety of talented local photographers, interesting features on local icons in our community (a great way for newcomers to get to know our community leaders), invaluable community resource pages, atractive/readable design and layout, the flexibility to add specialized categories long before the national directories catch on to the fact that some old classifications just don’t fit all business types, a type size that you can actually read without a magnifying glass, and a perspective that says we all succeed which each and every one of us succeeds. I’m glad to be a loyal advertiser in The CPC phone book. — Brenda Hood

Brenda Hood
Magnolia Court Guest Suites
Home Office: 843-521-0633
Mobile: 843-812-5175

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